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Trivia quiz Judith Feb 2 2021 | Montreal Dickens Fellowship

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
for the best of times

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
Judith's Trivia Quizzes
February 2, 2021



Try the quiz first, then if you need a little hint, consult the list of novels below. There are no prizes, just fun.


1. London and Paris

2. Richard Carstone had these for Jarndyce and Jarndyce

3. 2020 could certainly be described like this!

4. Needed for a martini plus an R; then a sharp turn to open

5. Sometimes thought of as a place full of junk

6. Americans did not like this one!

7. A tantalising half

8. The Duke of Windsor plus a valuable place to mine

9. A seasonal song

10. A parent and child


1. A Tale of Two Cities
2. Great Expectations
3. Hard Times
4. Oliver Twist
5. The Old Curiosity Shop
6. Martin Chuzzlewit
7. Edwin Drood
8. David Copperfield (The Duke of Windsor, Edward V11, was known in the family as David)
9. A Christmas Carol
10. Dombey and Son


Circle the correct answers.

1. As a child Esther was raised by:
a) Miss Barbary
b) Miss Donny
c) Mrs. Rachael
d) Mrs. Rouncewell

2. Mr. Jarndyce had a private room which he referred to as his
a) Groanatorium
b) Grumpyroom
c) Grizzlebox
d) Growlery

3. Esther goes to Bleak House as a:
a) housemaid
b) governess
c) companion to Ada
d) cook

4. When asked to choose a profession, Richard Carstone first chose
a) surgery
b) the law
c) the church
d) the navy

5. Richard’s second choice was
a) banking
b) the law
c) dentistry
d) music

6. Richard’s third choice was
a) the army
b) the navy
c) the law
d) accounting

7. Nemo died as the result of
a) a beating
b) starvation
c) an overdose
d) sunstroke

8. Miss Flite intended to release her caged birds when
a) Jarndyce and Jarndyce was settled
b) the birds stopped singing
c) she got married
d) pigs might fly

9. Allan Woodcourt became a ship’s surgeon because
a) he believed Esther did not love him
b) he wanted to travel
c) he needed a job/money
d) he was wanted by the police

10. Mr. George/Trooper George owned
a) a shooting-gallery
b) a gym
c) a boxing club
d) a martial arts school


1. a 2. d 3. c 4. a 5. b 6. a 7.c 8 a 9 c 10.a


Circle the correct answers. A list of novels is provided at the end.

1.Which is the odd one out in each of the following?

a) Dickens lived in a) Spain b) France c) Switzerland d) Italy

b) a) “Nicholas Nickleby” b) Barnaby Rudge” c) Martin Chuzzlewit” d) “Great Expectations”

c) a) Esther Summerson b) Agnes Wickfield c) Catherine Hogarth d) Dora Spenlow

d) a) Nemo b) Steerforth. c) Little Nell. d) Lucie Manette

2. In which novels do the following appear?
a) A cat named Lady Jane?
b) A dog named Diogenes?
c) A raven named Grip?
d) A dog named Bull’s Eye?

3. Which novel has
a) a revolution?
b) an Anti-Catholic riot?
c) a description of American life?
d) no ending?

4. Dickens’ characters are drawn from almost every level of society. Which of the following do NOT appear in his novels (find two)?
a) Life in the workhouse
b) A banquet at Buckingham Palace
c) A shipwreck
d) A ghost
e) A railway disaster

5. From which novels do the following quotations come?
a) God bless us, everyone!
b) It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
c) The law is a ass!
d) Please sir, can I have some more?
e) Barkis is willing.
f) I never will desert Mr. Micawber!

1) a) a
1) b) d
1) c) c
1) d) d

2) a) Bleak House
2) b) Dombey and Son
2) c) Barnaby Rudge
2) d) Oliver Twist

3) a) A Tale of Two Cities
3) b) Barnaby Rudge
3) c) Martin Chuzzlewit
3) d) Edwin Drood

4) b and 3

5) a) A Christmas Carol
5) b) A Tale of Two Cities
5) c) Oliver Twist
5) d) Oliver Twist
5) e) David Copperfield
5) f) David Copperfield

1. The Pickwick Papers
2. OliverTwist
3. Nicholas Nickleby
4. The Old Curiosity Shop
5. Barnaby Rudge
6. Martin Chuzzlewit
7. A Christmas Carol
8. Dombey and Son
9. David Copperfield
10. Bleak House
11. Hard Times
12. Little Dorrit
13. A Tale of Two Cities
14. Great Expectations
15. Our Mutual Friend
16. The Mystery of Edwin Drood