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Ellie's Location Quiz
December 1, 2020

Bleak House
Location Trivia Quiz

Location, Location, Location!!
In “Bleak House”, location is key! It is not merely coincidence (although coincidence does factor largely in this book) that the title is a house or that the first word in the book is London!!
Although we have only read less than a third of the book, Dickens has already had us visiting or learning of a large number of settings. See if you can match the character to the location. (There may be multiples)

Mrs. Rouncewell
Mademoiselle Hortense
Mr. Tulkinghorn
Lady Dedlock
Mr. Jarndyce
Mr. Neckett
Mr. Snagsby
Tom Jarndyce
Jo the crossing sweeper
Miss Flite
Mr. Krook
Lord High Chancellor
Kenge and Carboy
Miss Barbary
Miss Donny
Jellyby family
Richard Carstone
Mrs. Guppy
Mr. Guppy
Little Swills
Mr. Bayham Badger
Mr. Turveydrop
Mrs. Woodcourt
Mr. Weevle
Lawrence Boythorn
Mrs. Blinder
Bleak House
Chesney Wold
Cooks Court/Cursitor Street
Sol’s Arms
The “Peaks”
“Tom All Alones”
Krook’s top floor lodgin
Brick Yard
Lincoln’s Inn Fields
Lincoln’s Inn Hall
Lincoln’s Inn
Krook’s Shop
Greenleaf /Reading
Thavies Inn
Krook’s second floor lodging
Penton Place/ Pentonville
Old Street Road
Newman Street
Bell Yard
Parsonage, Chesney Wold Park