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Thelma Cohen | Montreal Dickens Fellowship

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
for the best of times

Thelma Cohen, known to her friends as Timmy, was born and grew up in Montreal. She majored in studio art and art history at McGill University. Before raising a family, Timmy taught Grade IV classes. Interested in music and art, she taught recorder for many years in elementary schools. Timmy returned to Concordia University for a BFA degree, also acquiring several diplomas in wallpaper and textile design. She enjoyed working as a textile designer with major companies. After running a small cottage industry for herself, Timmy discovered MCLL, and has not looked back. She became a moderator and a lecturer in the field of art history, was a member of Council for six years, and is a Past-President. Timmy also enjoys being a participant in various other Study Groups.
Outside of MCLL, her activities include going to concerts and operas, crafts and calligraphy and especially being an active Grandmother.