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Louise G. de Tonnancour | Montreal Dickens Fellowship

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
for the best of times

Louise G. de Tonnancour

Louise, is an enthusiastic participant and wears many hats. She is our secretary and librarian, birthday party planner and summary giver.

Louise was born in the beautiful Québec region of Mauricie, more precisely in Shawinigan Falls where she lived a happy childhood until 1965 when her father was transferred to his hometown Montreal.

In1968, she was admitted to the MTL School of Fine Arts on Sherbrooke Street where she obtained a bachelor’s degree to be able to teach Art which she did for 34 years for The Montreal Protestant School Board where she enjoyed teaching to high school kids from all over the world. Throughout her career she did photography, serigraphy, quilting and tapestry.

Retirement in 2007 provided her the chance to go back to her first love: oil painting. She enjoys reading and although she knew Dickens she had not read a full novel before the 90s. Through an international Dickens scholars conference in Montreal in 2011, she met Ellie. With the MTL Dickens Fellowship not only did she learn more about the famous author but she also learned about his time which, it seems, was only yesterday.