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Kendall Mattern | Montreal Dickens Fellowship

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
for the best of times

Kendall Mattern is an historian of the Victorian era regarding both sides of the “Pond”. He taught history for 43 years, the bulk of which was spent in Germantown Academy in Philadelphia, a school that has been in existence since 1759. He has an M.A. in European History from Villanova University, was one of the first teachers in the U.S. to take students to the Soviet Union ( 1983) and conducted an
exchange with School Number One, in Crakow, Poland for many years.

After attending “Dickens Universe in 1998, he began teaching his “Dickens’s England” course to seniors for the remainder of his career. (He also taught “Twain’s America” as an elective). He and his wife retired to southwestern Utah for a change of scenery in 2017.

Since 2020, Kendall has taught numerous online courses to alumni and friends on a variety of subjects, has presented to the Southern California DF chapter on “A Tale of Two Cities” and will be presenting to the Aberdeen Fellowship next February on “American Notes in antebellum America”