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questions DC chaps 5-14 | Montreal Dickens Fellowship

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
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Montreal Dickens Fellowship Study Questions: “David Copperfield”
Westmount Public Library
November 5, 2019 1:00-3:00
Chapters 5 - 14

  1. Discuss the importance of class differences in reference to David’s admiration of Steerforth, Traddles, and Mr. Peggoty
  2. Is Clara Copperfield a sympathetic character?
  3. How did David use his books and imagination as a defense? Was it effective? Comment on the similarities with Dickens’ life.
  4. The prevalence of death is high in Dickens’ works and in David Copperfield. Discuss.
  5. Who are the mother figures in these chapters? What role does their presence or absence play?
  6. Explore David’s love for Steerforth. Do you agree with it?
  7. What makes Dickens’ character descriptions so compelling? Use examples.
  8. Do you think David, himself is likeable? What do you like or dislike about him?
  9. Did David’s experience in school prepare him in any way for his life afterwards?
  10. “The Friendly Waiter” scene is one of the most humorous in Dickens. Read the passage and discuss in terms of humor, language, description, character, etc.
  11. How does Dickens use physical appearance to describe the inner character? Give examples.
  12. Discuss the parallels between Mr.Micawber and Dickens’ father.
  13. Chapter 11 is known to contain Dickens’ autobiographical fragment. Discuss David’s experience in the factory. How did Dickens factory work affect his personality and later writing?
  14. Mrs. Micawber is as funny as her husband. Give examples.
  15. Debtor’s prisons feature prominently in Dickens’ works. Compare Mr. Micawber’s experience with Dickens’ own family imprisonment.
  16. On his journey to Dover, David shows extreme resourcefulness. Discuss how Dickens uses humor and pathos during this segment.
  17. Describe the eccentricities of Betsy Trotwood. What makes her so likeable?
  18. What does the character of Mr. Dick symbolize?