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English sayings | Montreal Dickens Fellowship

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for the best of times

QUIZ: English phrases and sayings

Complete the missing part of each of the following phrases and sayings:

1. __________________________ falls far from the tree
2. __________________________ is worth two in the bush
3. __________________________ is as good as a rest
4. __________________________ begins with a single step
5. __________________________ is the best form of defence
6. __________________________ and the deep blue sea
7. __________________________ and the world will beat a path to your door
8. __________________________ to spite your face
9. __________________________ than a woman scorned
10. __________________________ comes before the fall
11. __________________________ out with the bathwater
12. __________________________ never bites
13. __________________________ makes Jack a dull boy
14. __________________________ travels fast
15. __________________________ where angels fear to thread
16. __________________________ is the sincerest form of flattery
17. __________________________ has a fool for his client
18. __________________________ is the thief of time
19. __________________________ best served cold
20. __________________________ is paved with good intentions
21. __________________________ always goes barefoot
22. __________________________ and carry a big stick
23. __________________________ which proves the rule
24. __________________________ wait for no man


The apple never
A bird in hand
A change
A journey of a thousand miles
Between the devil
Build a better mouse trap
Cut off your nose
Hell has no fury
Don't throw the baby
A barking dog
All work and no play
Bad news
Fools rush in
A man who is his own lawyer
Revenge is a dish
Road to hell
Shoemaker's son
Speak softly
The exception
Time and Tide