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Charles Dickens Trivia Quiz part 2 | Montreal Dickens Fellowship

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
for the best of times

Montreal Dickens Fellowship Trivia Quiz Part 2
February 2018

  1. What did Madame Defarge stitch into her knitting?
    (names of aristocracy/ washing instructions/ Trump’s tax record/gems)
  2. What is Miss Havesham wearing when Pip first meets her?
    (Nurse’s uniform/ Rocky and Bullwinkle T /faded wedding gown/fur cape)
  3. In Our Mutual Friend, what does Mr. Venus sell?
    (love potions/ skeletons/ lottery tickets/ Montreal steamies)
  4. Where does Edwin Drood’s uncle Jasper like to hang out?
    (Schwartz’s Deli/ Rosebowl/Westmount Library/ Opium dens
  5. How old was Charles Dickens sister-in law, Mary, when she died?
    (12/ 17/ 30/ 85)
  6. Who was Charles Dickens’s wealthy patroness?
    (Charlotte Bronte/ George Eliot/ Queen Lativa, /Angela Burdett Coutts)
  7. What Hotel did Dickens stay at in Montreal in 1842?
    (Queen Elizabeth, the Ritz Carlton, Rascoes, Bonaventure Hilton)
  8. Which of Dickens’s sons joined the Mounties?
  9. What trauma left Dickens shaken and fearful 5 years before his death?
    (1883 Krakatowa volcano/1929 market crash/1865 Staplehurst train wreck)
  10. Sarah Gamp is associated with which of these items?
    (pitch fork/ broomstick/umbrella/ platinum blonde wig)
  11. In Martin Chuzzlewit, Eden turns outs to be what kind of place?
    (heavenly garden/brothel/ fever-ridden swamp/ utopian paradise)
  12. Which profession does Mr. Pecksniff belong to?
    (Medicine/ Law/ Dentistry/ Architecture)
  13. What musical instrument does Tom Pinch play?
    (bongo drums/ moog synthesizer/ church organ/ harmonica)
  14. What was Dickens’s favorite flower?
    (roses/ lilacs/ lilies/ geraniums)
  15. Which of these was not a favorite pastime of Dickens?
    (walking/ riding/ stamp collecting/ performing magic tricks)
  16. Which Dickens novel has not been made into a musical?
    (Oliver Twist/ Edwin Drood/ Tale of Two Cities/ Our Mutual Friend)
  17. What was the name of Dickens’s country house?
    (Chateau Versailles/ Le Chantecler/ Gads Hill/ Auberge Ste Agathe)
  18. What famous children’s author overstayed his welcome at Dickens’s home?
    (Roald Dahl/ A.A.Milne/ James Barrie/ Hans Christian Anderson)
  19. What Montreal group has great fun while learning so much?
    (Mtl. Dickens Fellowship! / Mtl. Dickens Fellowship! /Mtl. Dickens Fellowship!)
  20. What author do we enjoy and wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!?
    (Charles Dickens/Charles Dickens/Charles Dickens/ Charles Dickens!!!)