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Charles Dickens Trivia Quiz part 1 | Montreal Dickens Fellowship

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
for the best of times

Montreal Dickens Fellowship Trivia Quiz Part 1
February 2018

  1. In what year was Charles Dickens born?
    (1912/ 1789/1812/1820)
  2. Where was Charles Dickens born?
    (London/ Paris/ Edinburgh/ Portsmouth)
  3. What is Charles Dickens’s middle name?
    (Boz/ Alfred/ Huffam/Millhouse)
  4. Where did Charles Dickens spend his formative years?
    (Scotland/ Ville St. Pierre/ New York/ Chatham, Kent)
  5. Why and where was his father, John Dickens, imprisoned in 1824?
    (indecent exposure, Kingston Penitentiary/ civil disobedience, the Bastille/ debt, Marshalsea Prison/ Poutine tampering, St. Vincent de Paul)
  6. Where was Charles Dickens’s first job?
    ( London Telegraph/ Warrens Blacking Factory/ M.C.L.L/Montreal Gazette)
  7. Who was Charles Dickens’s first love?
    (Queen Victoria/ Hilary Clinton/ Catherine Hogarth/ Maria Beadnell)
  8. Charles Dickens worked at which job before becoming an author?
    (waiter/ pilot/ parliamentary reporter/Habs goalie)
  9. In Dickens’s first novel, Pickwick Papers, who was Sam Weller?
    (his lawyer/ his bookie/ his faithful servant/ his snow removal guy)
  10. In Oliver Twist what is the name of Bill Sike’s dog?
    (Rover/ Rex/ Cuddles/ Bullseye)
  11. In Nicholas Nickleby, what villainous corruption did Dickens expose?
    (Construction kickbacks/US Presidency/Yorkshire schools/ Hells Angels)
  12. In The Old Curiosty Shop, Little Nell’s grandfather was which of these?
    (an alcoholic/ a thief/ a Montreal city councillor/a gambler)
  13. What did Barnaby Rudge carry on his shoulder?
    (Polly the parakeet/Big Bird/ Chicken Little/ Grip the Raven)
  14. In Martin Chuzzlewit, what is the pet name of Pecksniff’s eldest child?
    (Merry/ Tootsie/ Sweet Cheeks/ Cherry)
  15. Who is the first spirit that visits Ebenezer Scrooge?
    (Caspar the friendly ghost/ Banquo/ Jacob Marley/ Bob Marley)
  16. What kind of business is Mr. Dombey in ?
    (shipping/ the shmata business/ computer software/ scrap metal)
  17. In David Copperfield, “Barkis is Willin” to do what?
    (to invest in IBM/ run for the NDP party/ drink tea/marry Peggoty)
  18. In Bleak House, what disfigures Esther Summerson’s face?
    (acne/ too much Botox/ too much sun exposure/ smallpox)
  19. Fictional “Coketown” in Hard Times is based on what real city?
    (Leeds/ Chomedy, Laval/ Moosejaw/ Preston)
  20. Where was Amy Dorrit born?
    (Mudfog Workhouse/ Dotheboys Hall/Royal Vic/Marshalsea Prison)
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