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Andrew Macdougall | Montreal Dickens Fellowship

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
for the best of times

Andrew Macdougall was born in England in 1945 where, aged 10, he read "The Pickwick Papers", and cried when he'd finished.

In Canada, after retiring early as a Computer Engineer, he spends his time performing with the Montreal West Operatic Society, singing with the Montreal Welsh Male Choir, driving streetcars at Exporail (the Canadian Railway Museum), and moderating Canadian Literature and Railway History courses at the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning.

He has been a Scout leader for 32 years, and recently received a Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee medal.
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Andrew will read excerpt from the “The Cricket on the Hearth” on Friday, November 25, 2016, 10:00 am, at M.C.L.L.
The cost is $10. at the door, or $8. if you pre-register (MCLL office: 514-398-8234)
Andrew will also do a repeat performance on Wednesday, December 7th at 2:00 p.m. at the Westmount Library (4574 Sherbrooke W) - you can pick up a ticket at the door.

Background on: The Cricket on the Hearth.
Link to: The Cricket on the Hearth

Charles Dickens was as much a performer as a writer; in fact towards the end of his life he made much more money from his “readings” in England and the US than he did from his writing. For these readings he chose extracts from his books (or stories he had written) to which his audience would strongly react emotionally, and adapted them for performance. Dickens had a repertoire of twelve such readings.

Andrew Macdougall provides re-enactments of all these Dickensian performances with one exception: A Christmas Carol. Information about each is provided below.

Mr. Macdougall can be reached at 514-937-5527 or

He provides these performances free of charge.




The Chimes
The sufferings of the poor in the “Hungry Forties”.
Tragic, but resolves happily

60 min

The Story of Little Dombey

The short life of little Paul Dombey.

60 min

The Poor Traveller

A soldier who has “gone wrong” reforms and becomes a hero.

30 min

Boots at the Holly-Tree Inn
Full Text
Two young children run away to be married.
Humorous and sentimental
30 min
Mrs. Gamp
Mrs. Gamp is a villainous and drunken contract nurse.
30 min
Bardell and Pickwick
Mr. Pickwick is sued by Mrs. Bardell for “breach of promise of marriage”.
45 min
David Copperfield
David’s school-friend Steerforth seduces David’s childhood friend Little Emily.
Humorous, sentimental and tragic
90 min
Nicholas Nickleby at Mr. Squeers’ School
Nicholas triumphs over the wicked Squeers.
Tragic and humorous
75 min
Bob Sawyer’s Party
A medical student throws a party for Mr. Pickwick.
30 min
Doctor Marigold
A tinker adopts a deaf and dumb girl.
60 min
Sikes and Nancy
The robber Bill Sikes kills his girlfriend Nancy, then dies in an accident.
45 min
The Cricket on the Hearth
Full Text
A mysterious old stranger threatens the Peerybingles’ marriage.
Sentimental and mysterious with a happy surprise ending
105 min