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John Huston Event 2012

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
for the best of times

John Huston Event 2012
Image 28.jpg

Ready for the event

Image 35.jpg

Margaret and Harriet - ticket sales

Image 37.jpg

Organizing committee: Louise, Ellie, Margaret, Sylvia and Harriet

Image 27.jpg

Ellie explains our program

Image 29.jpg

Sam is intrigued

Image 33.jpg

It's sure to be a magical event

Image 1.jpg

Sales to benefit the Tiny Tim Fund

Image 7.jpg

Come enjoy a hot cup of apple/cranberry cider

Image 3.jpg

Almost ready for the show

Image 5.jpg

Elaine and Ellie discuss the upcoming performance


Sylvia looks forward to the show

Image 34.jpg

Ellie welcomes guests

Image 6.jpg

Ellie reads - Figgy Pudding

Image 25.jpg

John Huston as Charles Dickens

Image 31.jpg

Image 30.jpg

It's all in the details!

Image 4.jpg

John brings a "Christmas Carol" to life

Image 16.jpg

John is a charismatic storyteller

Image 15.jpg

Our heartfelt thanks

Image 8.jpg

A gift in appreciation of a spellbinding show

Image 11.jpg

Door prize winner

Image 9.jpg

The end of another outstanding performance

Image 41.jpg

Goodbye until next year!