Montreal Dickens Fellowship
for the best of times

John Huston Event 2012
Image 28

Ready for the event

Image 35

Margaret and Harriet - ticket sales

Image 37

Organizing committee: Louise, Illie, Margaret, Sylvia and Harriet

Image 27

Ellie explains our program

Image 29

Sam is intrigued

Image 33

It's sure to be a magical event

Image 1

Sales to benefit the Tiny Tim Fund

Image 7

Come enjoy a hot cup of apple/cranberry cider

Image 3

Almost ready for the show

Image 5

Elaine and Ellie discuss the upcoming performance


Sylvia looks forward to the show

Image 34

Ellie welcomes guests

Image 6

Ellie reads - Figgy Pudding

Image 25

John Huston as Charles Dickens

Image 31

Image 30

It's all in the details!

Image 4

John brings a "Christmas Carol" to life

Image 16

John is a charismatic storyteller

Image 15

Our heartfelt thanks

Image 8

A gift in appreciation of a spellbinding show

Image 11

Door prize winner

Image 9

The end of another outstanding performance

Image 41

Goodbye until next year!