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Finnigan's Market 2016

Montreal Dickens Fellowship
for the best of times

Finnegan's Market 2016
finneganmarket5 (1).jpg

Fifteen of us enjoyed the fresh country air and beautiful autumn sunshine at Finnegan's Market in Hudson, Quebec

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Some of us sported colourful Victorian bonnets and geranium pins

finneganmarket4 (1).jpg

Thanks Louise for providing us with our Dickens Fellowship ID pins

finneganmarket12 (1).jpg

We saw a number of items related to our favourite author, including a volume of Great Expectations

finneganmarket8 (1).jpg

3 Oliver Twist candy dishes. (The dishes were won in the raffle by Renee, Susan and Suzanne!)

finneganmarket11 (1).jpg

a ceramic wall decoration of Bill Sykes

finneganmarket10 (1).jpg

and Mr. Pickwick

finneganmarket2 (1).jpg

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the iconic Willow Inn

finneganmarket3 (1).jpg

Congratulations to the winning team of Susan, Louise, Margaret and Judith, who identified the most objects!

finneganmarket9 (1).jpg

A mug featuring Mr. Pecksniff was presented to Ellie

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Thanks Ellie for organizing this special outing!