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April 4, 2017 - 1:00 to 3:00 - meeting at Burgundy Lion Pub

Inspired by our discussion of the Maypole Inn of “Barnaby Rudge”, pubs and alcohol consumption in the Victorian era, I have organized a very fun meeting at the “Burgundy Lion”, a traditional English Pub.

Judith Elson will be discussing the history of Gin!

Victorian cocktails will be available! Please join us!

The pub is on Notre Dame within walking distance of the Lionel Groulx Metro. 

If you need a ride please let me know.

Dr. Joe Schwarcz  “Science in the Victorian Era” -  Summary

On Tuesday, March 7, “Dr. Joe” gave an amazing Power Point presentation on Science in the Victorian Era.  His talk was highly entertaining and very informative, mingling science, history and magic (he even performed mystifying magic tricks!)  Most impressive was the way he put a definite “Dickensian” twist to his material.  Member Lynn Morgan took copious notes throughout his presentation and has kindly summarized them for us!  Follow the link to read her very thorough summary of Dr. Joe’s talk on “Science in the Victorian Era”.  Thank you so much Lynn for all your efforts!!

Dr. Joe Schwarcz “Science in the Victorian Era” - March 7, 2017 - 1:00 p.m.


Dr. Schwarcz will be giving a talk about science in the Victorian Era.  The Victorian era (1837-1901) was rich in scientific discoveries ranging from John Snow’s linking cholera with contaminated water and Edison’s invention of the phonograph to vulcanized rubber and Perkin’s discovery of synthetic dyes.

Dr. Joe’s popularity as a prolific author and entertaining public speaker, coupled with his passion for understanding the world and dedication to helping society (indeed even his love of magic!) cannot help but remind us of Charles Dickens!!

Hope you will be able to attend what will surely be a highly entertaining and informative meeting!

Please note the venue has been changed to the Prud'homme Room at Victoria Hall, immediately adjacent to the Westmount Public Library (west side).

Dickens Birthday Luncheon - February 7, 2017

Please join us as we celebrate the 205th anniversary of Dickens’ birthday on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 12:00-3:00 p.m. at the l’Usine de Spaghetti Restaurant, 273 rue Saint Paul Est.  We have reserved their lovely back room.  Meals are ordered separately, but we will provide the birthday cake and have a toast to the “Immortal Memory”.  Margaret Nicolai and Judith Elson will be entertaining us with selections from “Barnaby Rudge”.

Secrets of The Six Wives Sunday, January 22, 2017

Will be aired on: PBS Plattsburgh WCFE 650/50  22:00-23:00 

Historian Dr. Lucy Worsley travels back in time to the Tudor Court of England’s Henry VIII to witness some of the most dramatic moments in the lives of his six wives. Combining drama based on eyewitness accounts and historical sources with Lucy’s own contemporary historical commentary, it is these women’s stories that Lucy sets out to uncover, witness, and explore.

Christmas Luncheon December 6, 2016

A summary of the luncheon together with Helen Remai’s Cheese Spread recipe and Margaret Nicolai’s Ginger Bread recipe can be found under Past Meetings

Victoria - Series on PBS premieres on Jan. 15/17

See the highly anticipated premiere on Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 9/8c. In 1837, a diminutive, neglected teenager is crowned Queen Victoria, navigates the scandal, corruption, and political intrigues of the Court, and soon rises to become the most powerful woman in the world. Victoria stars Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) as Queen Victoria in a highly anticipated series that follows the drama of the candid, spirited monarch who was perhaps the first woman to seem to have it all.

Following Victoria from the time she becomes Queen through her passionate courtship and marriage to Prince Albert, the lavish premiere season of Victoria dramatizes the romance and reign of the girl behind the famous monarch.  

In addition to Ms. Coleman, the stellar ensemble includes Rufus Sewell (The Man in the High Castle, Zen, The Pillars of the Earth) as Lord Melbourne, her first prime minister and intimate friend and Tom Hughes (Page Eight, Dancing on the Edge) as her husband Prince Albert.


Montreal Welsh Male Choir concert - December 14, 2016

Andrew Macdougall extends an invitation to attend 
The Montreal Welsh Male Choir concert (he is a member)  on Wednesday, December 14th at 19:30 at Victoria Hall in Westmount.
It will consist of Christmas songs (some in Welsh) and some readings.
Tickets are $20, either through Andrew or at the door.
See details below:


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