Montreal Dickens Fellowship meeting May 2, 2017 - Guest speaker - Julius Grey

Our guest speaker, Julius Grey, gave a very passionate and personal account of how Dickens’s novel “David Copperfield” played an enormous role in his struggle to “fit in” and succeed after emigrating from Poland as a young boy. Indeed, M. Grey went on to describe how, throughout his life, his political and social views were often strongly influenced by Dickens’s writing. We all were impressed by his tremendous familiarity with all of Dickens’s works and by his vast knowledge of literature in general. Guests particularly enjoyed his engaging demeanour and the candour with which he shared ┬áhis personal reflections.

After an interesting discussion about good and evil in “Barnaby Rudge” as it related to M. Grey’s remarks, we presented our guest with a copy of “Charles Dickens and the Law” by Thomas A. Fyfe.

Many thanks to Julius Grey for his interesting perspective on Dickens’s works and very thought-provoking talk!